All courses are composed of modules that have been stacked in a certain order. Each stack takes care of one distinct core aspect of LNG for either aspirants or professionals.

All topics revolve heavily around commercial and legal issues and less around technology. We will also take a good hard look at the immediate future of LNG as this LNG changes so fast, it has got our heads spinning. Peel LNG like an onion, layer by layer, until you see its innermost core at work!


Essentials of LNG

LNG is old business, but it has been a Black Art so far. That did not matter as long as it was a fringe business. Now it goes mainstream as it’s the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel and is poised to replace diesel. This Content Pack will initiate you to all aspects of LNG.

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LNG Contracts & Pricing

Liberalization was just the beginning. LNG trading, sink market mechanisms, the rise and fall of North America as a market for LNG, shale gas, nuclear incidents producing LNG shortfalls and producing countries turning consumers – all have left deep impacts on the contractual landscape.

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LNG Business Development

Solving the problems of LNG and Natural Gas today requires more than just a bit of restructuring. It also requires more than just another fancy contractual mechanism and those problems won’t be solved through sophisticated financial gimmicks.

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Everyone has different requirements and needs. I know that which is why I have created 3 different variations (I call them stacks) of each course. I did this, to make sure that you get LNG education just the way you want/need/like it - together with my signature content and style. Happy picking.


The Short Stack

The short stack is a 6-hour course that has been conceived with those who have no more than a cursory interest in LNG in mind. Each of the 3 courses I have designed exists as a Short Stack.

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The Regular Stack

This is the core course format. Groups in such settings are small so communication flows easily. A lot of customization is possible in order to focus on what’s most important to you.

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The Tall Stack

At times, one needs to go a little further and apply what was learned in extensive “real world” exercises. In the Tall Stack, you will not only learn concepts but also harden them in exercise.

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To each his own. You can have me right down your alley in your corporate headquarters if you wish so and I might even speak your language. On top, you can customize your in-house workshop by picking the just modules you want and stack them yourself. Tell me what gets you where you need to be.


In-Company Training & Coaching

In-company training & Coaching is when I bring my courses to you. Simply pick the course, location and date and I will run the program for your team. Any of my open training courses can be delivered at your premises.

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Mix & Match Modules

Don’t like the way one of the workshops is structured? Want it longer, shorter or something special to be covered in great depth? Tell me! I will arrange and rearrange and even dig into some new stuff yet to be explored.

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English / Deutsch / Francais

My workshops are built in English language. However, I can hold the workshop in German or French language if this makes it easier for you to follow. This applies especially to in-house workshops and coaching. A word of warning: Most

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What others say …

Still hesitating? I don't blame you. Read what others say.

Saleem Alavi

I met Rudi about a year ago when I was working on LNG Procurement with Emirates LNG. I needed very specific knowledge on contracts, market mechanisms and pricing. I tried a couple of sources to get smart, but it was not until I attended Rudi's workshop on LNG contracts and prices that I really got to the core of everything. Rudi answered all my questions in simple language that was clear and easy to understand. Since then, whenever I have any question or something I am unclear on, I ask Rudi and I immediately get an answer. Not many people achieve mastery of anything at the level that Rudi has on the Gas and LNG industry. If you need to understand, really understand, then I highly recommend Rudi's workshop.

Saleem Alavi Captain
James D. Shepperd

I first discovered a certain Rudolf Huber while he was wrapping up at Fuel Emulsions International and starting at NeXtLNG. After setting me straight on my quest for the latest innovations with Marine fuels, I knew that the "Pit Bull" deserved special notice. Aside from having a passion for the Energy Business, he also has a teacher's ability to inspire further investigation. He ventures an opinion where others don't dare and he does so with wit that few who follow the sector can match. Rudolf champions realistic energy choices and is not afraid of shining BRIGHT lights on the changes ahead.

James D. Shepperd Corporate Communications at ERNI