A stack is a collection of modules that stack up in a certain way in order to make an entire course – a bit like a stack of pancakes. The taller the stack – the longer the course lasts and the more detail we can work through. How the modules are stacked determines the Course Pack.

And you can compose your own stacks at will. But we will come to that on the Modules page.

There are 3 pre-composed stacks heights available.


The Short Stack

The short stack is a 6-hour course that has been conceived with those who have no more than a cursory interest in LNG in mind. Each of the 3 courses I have designed exists as a Short Stack. As time is limited, those events are organized as a fast-paced series of lectures of the just the essentials.

There are two toilet breaks of 15 minutes each and they are clocked. No food or drink are served, but I will keep you hydrated with still water and salt crackers. The six hours are really quick and intense frontal talk.

The course fee per participant is USD 380.- for a course stacked short.


The Regular Stack

This is my core course format. Groups in such settings are small so communication back and forth flows easily. There is a lot of customization possible so I can concentrate on what’s most important to you. Also, I am going to work the group through some practical examples of whatever is the topic of the workshop.

This workshop format requires you to stay for 3 or more days which is why lunch is always included. Any topic worked during one of those workshops will be worked in a lot of details to make sure you really understand the detailed, inner workings.

The course fee per participant is USD 2.700.- for a course stacked the regular way.


The Tall Stack

At times, one needs to go a little further and apply what was learned in extensive “real world” exercises. In the Tall Stack, you will not only learn concepts but also harden them in exercise. This course involves more than just listening.

Two core modules will be expanded to double the original time so there is more time for the fine print of some contracts that will change beyond today’s drafts.  There is ample time for discussion on even hairiest topics and I also throw in two half-day exercises which are designed to reinforce learned concepts.

The course fee per participant is USD 3.900.- for a course stacked tall.

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