Content Packs

Currently, we offer 3 different content packs, each designed to respond to a specific set of requirements.

Depending on the stack chosen, each pack is a collection of various modules. The overall objective is to transfer knowledge effectively, some stacks contain practical exercises designed to apply learned concepts to the real world. Discussion modules are inserted in order to open the delegate to the challenges ahead and how to approach them.

Each of them takes care of one distinct core group pf LNG aspirants or professionals. They all revolve heavily around commercial issues. They also take a good hard look into the immediate future as this LNG world changes so fast, it got our heads spinning.



Essentials of LNG

LNG is old business, but it had the smell of a Black Art so far. This did not matter as long as LNG was a business on the fringes. Now it goes mainstream as it’s the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel and is poised to replace diesel, coal and heavy fuels the world over. This Content Pack will initiate you to all aspects of LNG. This pack is designed with the LNG novice in mind. Depending on the height of the stack chosen, it’s going to lead you deep into LNG as it has been done so far and gives you the tools to deal with the future in a professional manner. After this course, LNG will have transformed from a Black Art into a regular business that you can tackle with confidence for you.

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LNG Contracts & Pricing

Liberalization was just the beginning. LNG trading, sink market mechanisms, the rise and fall of North America as a market for LNG, shale gas, nuclear incidents producing LNG shortfalls and producing countries turning consumers – all have left deep impacts on the contractual landscape. This content pack is for those who negotiate, manage and draft contracts as well as those who need to work with pricing mechanisms for their businesses such as traders or the project finance tribe. If you have to make sure that your project makes money and reigns in risk, then this is for you. After this content pack, you will understand how to hook into the money flows while avoiding the cliffs.

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LNG Business Development

Solving the problems of LNG and Natural Gas today requires more than just a bit of restructuring. It also requires more than just another fancy contractual mechanism and those problems won’t be solved through sophisticated financial gimmicks. If it’s your business to strategize about LNG, to imagine and develop new projects and trades, if you are on the hunt for the next great project or contract, then this course is for you. Make no mistake – this content pack is not for novices. We will cover a lot of the new and shiny small- & mid-scale LNG world and dig into new LNG fads such as LNG bunkering and IPP to see how money can be made from those new businesses.

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Each of those Content Packs is available in 3 pre-configured stacking modes. Please check below for prices.

Short Stack
USD 380.-
6 hours rapid
Regular Stack
USD 2700.-
3 days intensive
Tall Stack
USD 3900.-
5 days extended

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