Essentials of LNG (3 days – English)

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Date(s) - 06/09/2016 - 08/09/2016
All Day

Palais Strudlhof (Vienna)



The LNG business has been shrouded in mystery for decades. It was assumed that only very weird people could understand it. Then came Qatar and the LNG surge we are experiencing for a decade which brought a lot of newcomers into the game.


This unique three-day interactive training course:

This unique interactive training course:

  • Addresses the key skills required to succeed in the modern LNG industry;
  • Explains the processes, drivers and terminology relevant to the industry;
  • Enables you to understand the asset commercialisation issues unique to the sector;
  • Identifies the risk and opportunity exposures of different stakeholders;
  • Reveals new global resource trends, supply chains and environmental constraints;
  • Establishes key performance indicators in the industry;
  • Highlights best practices in managing the LNG industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;


workshop-essentials1LNG has been through stormy times but as it is with every time of change, the business opens up to new business models, new ideas and new people. The LNG becomes more "NORMAL" so to say.

Normal or not, change brings a lot of complexities. And the only way to deal with complexity is understanding the fundamentals. And that's what you are going to get in this workshop.


No frills, no funny projects or modes of business, no crazy deals, We are going to dig deep into what is LNG, makes LNG and take a good, hard look under the hood to see the nuts and bolts of the business right at work.

After this course, you are not going to be a confirmed expert. This takes years of exposure to the LNG world.

But you are going to be one of those who knows the business, you will understand the lingo and never again you will hear LNG and be scared.

Does that sound good to you?


Each module usually takes about 2 hours to complete.

3 days - 12 modules

Day 1 - Introduction into LNG
  1. Properties & Use of LNG
  2. History of LNG
  3. LNG Technologies
  4. LNG Vessels
Day 2 - Economics & Contracts of LNG
  1. LNG Economics
  2. The LNG SPA
  3. Capacity Agreements
  4. Contract Walkthrough SPA & TUA (Exercise)
Day 3 - The Pricing & Future of LNG
  1. LNG Pricing
  2. Developing a Pricing Formula (Exercise)
  3. New Developments in LNG
  4. New challenges in LNG (Discussion)

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profile-picRudolf has led more than 100 industry workshops, the vast majority in-house and on LNG plus Business Development in Africa and the Middle East.

Rudolf runs a collection of blogs - most famously the PitBull of LNG which is a pro-methane energy and environment feature advancing the debate on clean energy solutions.

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