Essentials of LNG (6 hours – German)

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Date(s) - 04/03/2016
All Day

Veranstaltungszentrum Heiligenstadt



A new term pop's up with frigthening regularity in our lives - LNG. To most it's nothing at all - some have less than superficial knowledge. No wonder - it has been the most exotic part of the energy world for ages. Now it goes mainstream as it will be at the center of clean energy. This course will initiate you.

This workshop is conducted in German language.


This unique interactive training course:

  • Addresses the key skills required to succeed in the modern LNG industry;
  • Explains the processes, drivers and terminology relevant to the industry;
  • Enables you to understand the asset commercialisation issues unique to the sector;
  • Identifies the risk and opportunity exposures of different stakeholders;
  • Reveals new global resource trends, supply chains and environmental constraints;
  • Establishes key performance indicators in the industry;
  • Highlights best practices in managing the LNG industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;


workshop-essentials1Want to get into LNG quick and dirty but without killing the best part of a week on it?

6 hours of LNG is the right thing for you. It's an all beginners course that start's at zero. It gets you far enough down the LNG hole so that you know what LNG is.

This course is not going to make you an expert - nowhere close to that. It's designed for you to dip your toes into the water in order to know if you want to take the swim.

ATTENTION: this course is very fast paced and there is no food or drinks served so bring a bottle of whatever keeps you hydrated and a sandwich. There is only two 15 minute toilet breaks.

Buckle up for this one.


This is a succession of three 2 hour clocked modules with two 15 minute toilet breaks in between them.

9:00 – 15:30


1 day - 3 modules

  1. Introduction, Technology & Shipping
  2. Economics, Market & Pricing
  3. Contracts & New Developments

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profile-picRudolf has led more than 100 industry workshops, the vast majority in-house and on LNG plus Business Development in Africa and the Middle East.

Rudolf runs a collection of blogs - most famously the PitBull of LNG which is a pro-methane energy and environment feature advancing the debate on clean energy solutions.

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Essentials of LNG (6 hours – German)