LNG Business Development (3 days – English)

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Date(s) - 31/05/2016 - 02/06/2016
All Day

Palais Strudlhof (Vienna)



Solving the problems of LNG and Natural Gas today requires more than just a bit of restructuring. It also requires more than just another fancy contractual mechanism and those problems wont be solved through sophisticated financial gimmicks. 

They require to peel the onion layer by layer in order to expose your business at its fragile core. And then you will have to administer the right remedy right into the heart.


This unique interactive training course:

  • Shows you the basics of Business Development as opposed to International Relations or Origination;
  • Delves into the various Business Models in use in the LNG world;
  • Enables you to understand the various phases of a project and use this for your advantage;
  • Learn how to use the various kinds of transactions for your advantage;
  • Examine how the various forms of pre-contracts help navigate thorny issues;
  • Show how local regulations and local content can support your project;
  • Highlights what frustrations must be expected and how to deal with them;
  • Gives you a heavy dose of all that's on the cutting edge in LNG;


workshop-businessdevelopment2newYou sure know the saying: When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Have you ever ventured off the beaten path? I mean really off the beaten path.

The day will come when you will have to venture beyond hotel lobbies and posh LNG gatherings for some real exposure to the less developed parts of the world. You will sweat, enjoy smelly hotel rooms, hang for hours at some airport in sweltering heat. You will encounter foreign and fascinating cultures and meet the good and also the ugly.

And most importantly, you will have to cut out a solution that works for your company. New LNG project development demands the best of a man or woman. You will have to become the entrepreneur of the company you work for and rise to the next level of managerial accomplishment.

I will show you how to develop a strategy for dealing with your LNG problems, face reality, get your feet on the ground, deal with cultural and communicational issues and most importantly how to deal with yourself as a person as you will face failure and you will have to deal with it. I will also show you how to deal with those back home in corporate headquarters and communicate efficiently with supporters and backstabbers alike.

Welcome to the Pitbull's lair.


Each module usually takes about 2 hours to complete.

3 days - 12 modules

Modules Day 1
  1. Team Development & Deal Environment
  2. Transactions & Market Drivers
  3. Risk Management & Strategy
  4. Local Content & Culture
Modules Day 2
  1. Project Phases & Venture Capital
  2. pre-Contracts & JV's
  3. The Cost Stack
  4. Building a Business Plan (Exercise)
Modules Day 3
  1. LNG as a Fuel
  2. Exotic Gas Sources
  3. Modular LNG & IPP (Exercise)
  4. Opportunities & Issues in New LNG (Discussion)

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We work with your company to structure effective training programmes, either using an existing course or tailoring a course to your specific needs. We will:

  • Evaluate your specific requirements
  • Design a tailored solution
  • Plan the delivery
  • Implement the approved solution
  • Report on the course and propose follow-up
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profile-picRudolf has led more than 100 industry workshops, the vast majority in-house and on LNG plus Business Development in Africa and the Middle East.

Rudolf runs a collection of blogs - most famously the PitBull of LNG which is a pro-methane energy and environment feature advancing the debate on clean energy solutions.

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