LNG Money & Law (3 days – English)

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Date(s) - 12/04/2016 - 14/04/2016
All Day

Palais Strudlhof (Vienna)



Liberalization was just the beginning. LNG trading, sink market mechanisms, the rise and fall of North America as a market for LNG, shale gas, nuclear incidents producing LNG shortfalls and producing countries turning consumers - all have left deep impacts on the LNG world and future contracts will bear their scars.


This unique interactive training course:

  • Addresses the key skills required to draft and negotiate modern Gas and LNG agreements;
  • Explains pricing mechanisms in various regional gas markets and their effect on Gas and LNG agreements;
  • Enables you to understand the various issues special to the LNG sector;
  • Learn how to establish a risk matrix and how to deal with risk in contracts;
  • Examine how modern multiuser capacity agreements can increase flexibility in terminals;
  • Show how the different agreements work with each other on a back to back basis;
  • Highlight mechanisms of dispute resolution;


workshop-contractsandprices2In LNG, a metaphorical asteroid hit us in the shape of gas market liberalization in the Atlantic basin. Decade old certainties have gone away almost overnight and kicked in the rise of an unimaginatively complex, new world. Just like the dinosaurs, the old contractual mechanisms in LNG have staged a fierce defense battle but as Victor Hugo used to say: "No army on earth will stop ideas, when their time has come".

Now that the monolith LNG has cracked wide open, the contractual LNG world will experience an explosion of diversity just like the Cambrian explosion. LNG as a fuel, LNG bunkering, multiuser terminals, commingled tank space and island meshing, flare conversion and resource nationalism are already leaving their imprint on classical contracts.

In times of great change, it is always good to go back to the roots. Back where everything has begun and examine anything that exists for its residual value. Otherwise, you start putting pieces of dead corpses together. That's a Frankenstein then.

This workshop will do away with old dogmas. We will have no patience with old mechanisms just because they have always been here. We will expose some real crucial LNG mechanisms to the fire of the new world. And see what the next 10 years might look like.

The future is uncertain, but that’s scary only to those who are unprepared.


Each module usually takes about 2 hours to complete.

3 days - 12 modules

Day 1 - Contracts
  1. The Contract Chain
  2. The Terminal Use Agreement
  3. LNG SPA's
  4. The Quantities Game
Day 2 - Pricing
  1. Prices & Products in Trading
  2. Oil based Formulas
  3. Developing the Contract Price (Exercise)
  4. Gas & LNG Price Drivers (Discussion)
Day 3 - Contracting, Disputes & Risk
  1. Negotiation & Disputes
  2. Financing LNG
  3. Building the Contract (Exercise)
  4. Risk Management in LNG (Discussion)

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