About me

profile-picI have led more than 100 industry workshops, the vast majority in-house and on LNG and Business Development in Africa and the Middle East. This has started in EconGas where I was charged with getting the company ready for LNG and also to run an awareness campaign.

Since 2011, I run own boutique Natural Gas, LNG and LPG consulting business from my office in Vienna. I specialize in small to mid-scale projects with a strong gas to power element as well as “LNG as a fuel” solutions. I work on a very broad spectrum of feed gas situations from biogas to flares.

Before that, I headed Business Development for the largest gas trading company in Austria, the OMV affiliate EconGas. I  spearheaded LNG there and played a critical part in the development of the GATE project in Rotterdam. More specifically I developed an entirely new risk- reward equation for multiuser regasification terminals from the scratch.

I also run a collection of blogs and opinion forums – most famously the signature PitBull of LNG which is a pro-methane energy and environment feature advancing the debate on clean energy solutions.

Please consult the list in the footer of this website for more online services I run as well as my Linkedin profile for more on me.

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